Sudakshina Ghosh ( Nee Datta )                            
Born: 1952 in Kolkata, India 
Exhibitions etc
           Paintings done with coffee on watercolour paper.
           Weavers studio centre for the arts 5th April 2019
   Paintings done with coffee on watercolour paper. 
   Wayland public library. September 2017
            May 2017
            Group exhibition- Academy of fine arts, Kolkata, India
            Acrylic on canvas and coffee on watercolour paper
         Acrylic on canvas and bronze sculpture
            Painting done with coffee on watercolour paper. 
           Paintings done with coffee on watercolour paper. 
        April 2013: Group exhibition at the Dray Walk Gallery, Old Truman Brewery, London 
           Painting done with coffee on watercolour paper. 
        TIMELESS TAGORE: Rabindranath Tagore's Poetry in Visual Art by Sudakshina Ghosh,
           7th May 2011 at The Gallery of Gnani Arts. The exhibition featured a captivating collection of paintings by Kolkata-born
  Sudakshina Ghosh that portrayed the narrative essence of selected poems by the celebrated Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), the first      non-European to win the Noble Prize forLiterature (1913). This was Singapore-based Sudakshina Ghosh’s first-ever solo art exhibition. 
  Also,the exhibition marked 150 years after Tagore’s birth.
  The Gallery of Gnani Arts #01-05, The Regent Singapore, One Cuscaden Road, Singapore. Featured in SAGG [ Singapore Art Gallery Guide]
  5th May 2011: Exhibition of four works at Institute of Southeast Asian Studies on the occasion of unveiling of a bust of Rabindranath          Tagore to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Gurudev, Rabindranath Tagore by His Excellency Shri S.M. Krishna, Minister of           External Affairs, Government of India.
 2009- UE WALL OF FAME: GREEN ( Fill Your Walls Gallery ) - October 2009
  Work titled ‘sound of silence’ was chosen from the entries for display at UE square and was later on displayed in the Art Cafe,
  Tanjong Pagar.
           POP GANESHA! The 4th Show: The Icon in Contemporary Art 
           17 – 27 September 2009 at The Gallery of Gnani Arts
  This exhibition showcased contemporary depictions of the popular elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha.
  In POP GANESHA! The 4th Show, the artists were challenged to think beyond the conventional, stereotypical portrayals of Ganesha. This        show brought an intriguing revelation of many individual, highly creative views (conveyed in the form of a painting or a drawing) of what       Ganesha meant to the participating artists, Alpana Vij, Aparna Sundaresh, J. Kalidass, Dr Manju Chandran, Richard Chen Yunxiao, Sarbani   Bhattacharya, Sudakshina Ghosh, Sunaina Bhalla, Swapna Reddy and Tasneem Moochhala. 
  20 August – 13 September 2009 
  Fill-your-walls, an art gallery dedicated to promoting affordable art by local emerging artists presented Breakthrough Art: Creations II, a        group exhibition held in conjunction with the Singapore Art Show, organized by National Arts Council. 
  Supporting Singapore based artists in their journey of creativity and artistic development, Breakthrough Art: Creations II was the result of    a call for work, which attracted more than 200 submissions. Selected by a panel of experienced advocates in the industry, as well as by        popular votes obtained in the ‘Hall of Fame’ section, the exhibition showcased 46 original works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media   from 35 artists. The chosen work ‘ nature’s mosaic ‘ was sold during the exhibition. 
   Aug 2006 at The Gallery of Gnani Arts 
   The Ganesha Show was an exclusive series of art exhibitions, presented by The Gallery of Gnani Arts, that showcased contemporary              depictions of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha. The Ganesha Show 3: The Secular God in Art, the 3rd in the exhibition series,           brought together a delightful combination of art by masters and emerging artists of India and Singapore – P. Gnana, Alphonso Doss, C.       Dakshinamoorthy, Alpana Ahuja, J. Kalidass, V. Santhanam, Manju Chandran, S. K. Rajavelu, Sarbani Bhattacharya and 
   Sudakshina Ghosh. Although it was quite impossible to view the Ganesha concept without its religious connotations, in this exhibition, it         was an attempt to focus on the secular understanding of Ganesha in art. The various imaginative portrayals of Ganesha in this exhibition       reflected the individual artist’s personal affiliation towards Ganesha, as opposed to the strict adherence to religo-mythological symbolism.     The Ganesha Show 3: The Secular God in Art (ISBN 981-05-6241-1), a 20-page catalogue-publication (containing 28 colour visuals) was       published for this exhibition. 
Private collection of works:
   Singapore, India, UK and USA
   Works sold in Singapore and UK
   Medium-Water colour,Charcoal, Coffee, Pencil and Acrylic
Workshops attended:
   May 2011- Wayland,MA,USA - en plein air with artist David.A.Lang
   August 2010- Singapore- artist Pon Raghunathan 
Brief bio:
   A self-taught artist, Sudakshina was born in Kolkata ( India ), the city famous for its rich cultural heritage. From a very early stage in life,     Sudakshina was groomed by her mother to become an artist. She derives her inspiration for her creation from her own interpretation of         beauty and enjoys exploring different techniques and media to express her realisation. She has worked with charcoal, watercolour and           acrylic extensively and has sold her works at international exhibitions. Through her work, she would like to deliver the rich culture of her       motherland and the endless beauty of nature to the people around the world. website: 
   2009- Distinction-Certificate course in western painting from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts-singapore
   2006- Certificate course in basic charcoal drawing from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts-singapore
   1977- B.Ed- Calcutta University, India
   1972- B.Sc-Chemistry honors- Jadavpur University, India
   1970-Geetabharati diploma in Rabindrasangeet from Gitabitan Shikshayatan, Kolkata, India.
Teaching Experience:
   2012- Taught Chemistry at Calcutta International School
   1973-2001- Taught Chemistry, Math and Art & Craft in reputed secondary schools in India and Singapore
   May 1988- Taught art for a month in Bangkok on a teacher exchange program
TV shows
   Conducted educational programs in art and craft for children on
   Calcutta Doordarshan [ TV channel in Kolkata,India]
Performing art:
   Performed on stage as a solo singer and solo dancer in India and Singapore
   Choreographed dance drama for Bengali Association-Singapore
Other forms of art and craft:
   Art director for stage shows in India and Singapore
   Professional bridal make-up artist
   In-charge of decoration for several public events in Singapore