A professional artist since 2006, Sudakshina's works have been shared here. These include the different types of art she has been associated with. 

While she pursued a career mainly as a teacher of Chemistry and Math in middle and high school for almost three decades, she was assigned to teach art in the primary school and participate in various artistic activities in the schools where she taught. Art remained her constant companion throughout life. It has helped her to learn about the culture of the places where she lived within India and abroad. 

Pursuing art courses and visiting museums around the world, has helped her to gain knowledge and skill, but she believes that an artist needs to go on experimenting and exploring in order to express his or her mind. Painting with coffee has helped her to explore the possibilities of creating desired effects with non-traditional medium. She finds coffee to be a versatile medium allowing her to use techniques similar to painting with water colour and acrylic.

She has had several solo exhibitions and her works are with collectors around the world . According to Sudakshina, as she starts a new work on an empty canvas or a sheet of paper, she feels like a child running across a vast field. She enjoys this freedom as it helps her to begin a dialogue with the canvas and continue her journey to a new place each time.

email: sudakshina@srijoni.com