Talk at Nehru centre,UK, 2nd July 2013

Sudakshina Ghosh’s association with the Tagorean art began in pre-school Calcutta and has been a source of entertainment and enlightenment all through her life. She has performed as a singer and dancer in numerous dance dramas composed by Tagore and developed as a choreographer, costume designer and visual artist. She completed a certificate course in western painting from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. She has featured in group exhibitions and selling her works in Singapore since 2006. Sudakshina Ghosh wanted to express her interpretation of Tagore’s extraordinary work through her own visual language, in her first solo exhibition, Timeless Tagore. This exhibition was held in Singapore in May 2011 to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the poet. The works were done mainly in acrylic on canvas along with a few in water colour on paper. It was well received and fulfilled he mission in sharing a small fraction of this treasure with people belonging to other cultures.

Calcutta, now Kolkata, in the fifties experienced a cultural coincidence of the colonial past and the search for national identity. On one hand, one could not ignore the strong influence of western art, especially the display of original artworks of great masters of the West on the walls of the houses of the Zamindars and the Rajbaris. On the other hand, the State’s art heritage had already taken shape under the banner of the Bengal school of art with its strong affiliation to Tagorean artistic and cultural legacy. This is the time when the artist was born. Her talk will elaborate the influence of Tagorean art and culture on the overall life style in which she grew up and its impact on her artworks.

A BAITHAK UK presentation. BAITHAK UK believes incelebrating the legacy of South Asian culture and promoting discussion and debate around high quality cross arts events. The Talk will be accompanied with illustrative songs by Sangeeta Datta.